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Sod Calgary is the new website of Chinook Sod installations. At sod Calgary we have lots of information on different types of sod, sod laying procedures and sod costs. Chinook sod installations installs superior golf course quality sod in Calgary. We do everything to prepare your yard for the new sod including, grade your property and remove rocks, weeds and other material that will impede the growth of your sod. As well we can add screened loam to your yard hand pressure roll it to ensure you have a great base for your new lawn.

Our services include:

- Kentucky bluegrass sod installation
Golf course quality, proefessional grade sod that is the finest sod available in Calgary. This is no ordinary sod, beautfiul lush bluegreen sod that will be the envy of the neighbourhood. What sets our sod apart is the thick root ball that we cut. This thick rootball gives your sod more strength, more nutrients, and a far better chance a getting established than other thinner rootball sod. Sod Calgary and Chinook sod installations gaurantees you will be fully satisfied with your sod

- Yard preparation including grading, and removing rocks and other materials.
From bobcat work to grading and spreading new loam. Chinook sod provides all the labour and machinery to get your property is shape for your new sod. Whether your property is old or new, we can do everything from remove old sod to prepare new home properties for sod.

- Screened loam spread on your yard and rake, leveled and pressure rolled.
We haul in and spread the superior screened loam. Just like sod, screened loam quality can vary greatly. We supply and install rich nutrient rich loam that will give your sod that important start it needs. Be cautious about low priced loam that looks to good to be true. There is an abundance of silty soil in Calgary and it does not provide your sod with the property nutrients to get started. As well, we see a lot of clay filled soil being used for a sod base. The clay is very difficult for the sod to push roots through and therefore you are left with a poorly growing lawn that can never truly grow properly.

- Washed rock layed over fabric for low areas at the sides of houses and under decks.
Choose from a good selection of rock inlcuding tan, standard washed, and rundle. The washed rock is typcially use for sides of the house and under decks. We can supply and install the washed rock and we will also lay down a professional grade landscape fabric to keep the weeds down.

Superior sod , competitive pricing.
If you are looking for exceptional sod quality and very competitive pricing look no further than Chinook Sod installations. We can lay most sod jobs in one day, sod you can enjoy your new lawn sooner. landscape services that you can view by visiting landscaping calgary Thanks for visiting sod Calgary.
Thank you for visiting sod Calgary.



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